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mobile marketing with apps
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

How To Earn $258,000 With Android Apps

The mans name is Gerard Connely, Creator of Droid Generator.

A full time Internet Marketer and App Developer... I'd like to tell you how I went from ripping my hair out struggling to make a buck online.. To working 2 hours per day creating Android Apps that bring in Thousands of dollars per week.

I got started in affiliate marketing in 2004 without success but kept at it in my spare time. I stayed current on all the SEO tactics, (white and black hat) and developed a great product. I eventually found great success in 2007 on CB and CJ for one of my Forex products selling over 3,000 copies of my software at $149 a pop. I ended up doing so well I quit my day job as a retail manager in Brooklyn N.Y. and became a full time Affiliate Marketer and Web Developer. Things couldn't have been better.

In 2009, sales of my software came to an abrupt halt. Not because my software didn't work, but because the market got so saturated with affiliate products. There was just too much competition in my niche. By mid 2009, I was scrambling. I tryed to get my job back as a retail manager, but the economy was just too weak; they didn't need me.

I was desperate and willing to try anything.

I heard a few app success stories about kids making millions off farting apps which really got me interested. I thought I could do better then a farting app, so I bought about a dozen app developing books and got started coding.

Being that my background was in the Internet Marketing field.. I took a totally different approach distributing my apps then the conventional "$1 per app" methodology....

Instead of making cheesy apps and charging people a buck... I used the technology as a platform to give away free apps so I could build enormous targeted opt-in email lists.

The math was simple...



The cool part is ANYONE can do this!

All you need to know is how to Copy and Paste!

Keep in mind, the apps that you create CAN be sold on the Android Market for any price you wish to charge, if that is your goal...

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